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Scenarios for Planning Ahead

Updated: May 2, 2021

When I was at sea, I would often find myself thinking about "what if" scenarios as a means of preparedness. It was important to me to be always prepared to provide the utmost safety for the crew and survival at sea. I figured if I ran through the scenarios in my mind, or sometimes physically went through the steps, I would be better prepared for that surprise should it ever occur.

For instance, flooding is a BIG concern on a vessel at sea. I would think, "what if" the main dewatering pump didn't function? What would be my plan B? That would take me through a thought process of tracing pipes possibly, or making a backup connection, or crossover from another pump that could provide a backup.

I believe these kinds of "what if" questions are vital and beneficial in any industry. It can keep you afloat, or keep the plant running, and eliminate or at least minimize, crucial downtime.

Having a plan in place by running the scenario through your mind ahead of time will greatly improve your response should it ever occur. You might even involve your whole team in the process as a response drill.

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