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North Star Tour

I had the opportunity to tour the North Star recently. She has had a long journey to get to the last leg here in Seattle. She is now nearly completed with her process line install, deck machinery upgrades and final commissioning of systems.

What a remarkable amount of new technology onboard, compared to what we had on the Arctic Trawler back in the day, as the first U.S. factory trawler in Alaska. We've come a long ways in automation and reliability of systems.

The fish are hardly touched by human hands now through the whole production process and into the freezer hold. Breaking freezers, packaging the product and getting it stacked down in the hold used to be quite an arduous process. I remember many times helping break freezers and stack in the hold.

The improvements from those days are everywhere you look on the North Star. I mean everywhere. From the wheelhouse, which has a lot of WOW factor, to the galley and crew accommodations. Engineroom and additional machinery spaces nicely done.

North Star is a remarkable accomplishment and quite something to experience for me, having been in the industry since the early days of the U.S. Alaska factory trawler fishery. I wish them good fishing in their new venture.

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