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Is Black Graphite Oven Chain Lubricant Food-Grade?

I recently had a request from a bakery for an alternative oven chain lubricant. They said they have been using graphite oven chain lubricant for some time and were looking to set up an auto-lube system for their oven. They also said the lubricant needed to be food grade.

I shared with them Lubrication Engineers Ovenworx H1 Food-Grade Chain Lubricant, which is formulated especially for use in auto-lubrication systems and needs no mixing.

After getting back to my office I thought further about the bakery and the idea that they were using an oven chain lubricant with graphite. Is graphite really food grade I wondered...

So I did some research and found that black graphite lubricants are said to be NOT food grade, but apparently, white graphite lubricants ARE food grade?

What's the verdict on this? I will continue my research and get back on this one.

Anyone have some solid feedback on this to share?

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