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My ToolBox

Tools in any engineers toolbox are very important and advantageous.  Mine are no different. Over the years I have come across some very beneficial tools that I'd like to share with you below. Feel free to contact me for additional information or questions you might have.

Swift Sensors.JPG

Swift Sensors are a great product and invaluable tool. They are a robust and powerful wireless monitoring system with an ever-growing list of available sensors for almost every type of application. These sensors will immediately notify you whenever there is an issue with your equipment, infrastructure or environment. Swift Sensors saves you time and money by alerting you before a small problem becomes a big problem.

FlirOne Camera.JPG


The Flir One Pro thermal imaging camera has been very useful for troubleshooting in many areas. Hot spots in electrical panels, overheated bearings and belts, to name a few. Plugs right into my iPhone. They make one for Android phones as well. Another invaluable tool that serves a great purpose.

Fitch Logo.JPG

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is a patented metallic alloy that reformulates fuel prior to combustion. It is NOT an additive – it is long-term fuel treatment. I have personally vetted this product with several returning customers. There are also many documented successes using the Fitch. The savings, lowered emissions and benefits to the power unit are real. I would recommend looking into them.

Web Page Image.JPG

FluidMatics provides easy, convenient and powerful real-time oil condition monitoring. This patented "dirt gage" can be a huge benefit, especially for large asset industries that want to step up to a proactive maintenance regime. I am working with the inventor of these units, who is willing to provide the unit for testing, so you can try before you buy. He values the feedback for continued product development.

LE Lubricants Image.jpg

Lubrication Engineers is one of my best and most valued tools. Like me, once my customers experience success beyond their expectations, they no longer consider it a consumable, but an asset. With that comes an enthusiasm and product loyalty that I have come to appreciate and share with them for so many years. I love the opportunity to work with so many different industries and maintenance professionals

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