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The REAL DEAL on LE 4025

I want to share a remarkable day I had recently while visiting fish process lines aboard two different vessels that operate in the Bering Sea of Alaska.

As I stepped aboard the first vessel, the maintenance crew was in the process area and busy replacing 23 bearings which had failed. They had been working on this time-consuming project for a few days. There was lots of activity in the workshop heating and removing bearings from the conveyor drum shafts. From my experience this is the norm for vessels using conventional food grade greases, even though they diligently grease them. I know, I have done the same thing many years myself. The vessels come down annually for repairs and maintenance in the off season. Most will also, as a preventative measure, replace all the additional bearings to reduce the possibility of having a failure during processing operations.

I then went over to the second vessel with a very similar process line. It was kind of quiet around the process line. There was work going on down in the engine room. I found the engineer and asked what was going on with the process line bearings. He said they hadn't had a failed bearing in over 5 years! I found that astonishing, with the constant attack by seawater washing around the process line and the high pressure washdowns as well. They have been using Lubrication Engineers Quinplex 4025 food grade grease since day one on their process line. LE 4025 has the superior ability to lock out water and keep the lubricant where it needs to be. In the bearing. This is in large part due to LE's proprietary Quinplex additive. Needless to say, they will continue to reap the benefits of LE 4025.

The added work and uncertainty of bearing failures is real with the extreme rigors of operating in the Bering Sea. It was such a profound contrast visiting both vessels in the same day. Lubrication Engineers products are the REAL DEAL and this day was a prime example of how the right product can make such a significant improvement to your bottom line.

With the use of conventional food grade grease, the normal annual routine here is to replace all the failed bearings. As a preventative measure the rest of the bearings are changed as well, since they are probably not far behind.

Using LE 4025 food grade grease, this process line has had no failed bearings in over 5 years. This is a very significant testimonial to the ability of LE 4025 to lock out seawater and protect the bearings for long life.

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