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Lubrication Engineers? Never heard of them...

Lubrication Engineers?

"Never heard of them" was my first response. The port engineer for a couple of boats we acquired for our fleet strongly suggested I find out more. So I did.

I went to visit with his engineers, and what they shared with me I found quite fascinating.

They told me how they have been going for extended hours on their engine oil changes and how clean the engine fuel systems were using LE fuel enhancer. They told me all this with such enthusiasm that it got my attention to find out more about LE.

When I contacted their port engineer again I recall saying, "Man! I spoke with your engineers and I never met guys so excited about their engine oil before!" He said, "Just wait.. you'll catch that enthusiasm too."

So, I decided to start with a side by side trial. I had the one newly acquired boat continuing to use LE engine oil as before. Our other boat continued to use the conventional engine oil. They both were running CAT 3412 main engines and both doing the same fishing operations in the Bering Sea.

I monitored both boats with engine oil analysis throughout the first year. At the end of the year I asked for the engine oil invoices for both boats. It got my attention when I had a stack of invoices for the boat using conventional oil, and just one invoice for the boat using LE engine oil.

It was a paradigm shift for me. The old adage "Oil is cheap, change your oil and change it often" wasn't holding up anymore. The savings overall was very substantial. I proceeded with the owners approval to begin using LE engine oil for the whole fleet.

I have left out details to keep this relatively brief, but the savings trend continued for years using LE engine oil and greases. We actually extended overhaul hours as well.

So, those years of experience with Lubrication Engineers led me to where I am today.

I did "catch that enthusiasm", and now I have LE in my tool box and I'm paying it forward by sharing LE with all who will listen. The trend continues...

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